Month: December 2021

Hanoi sidewalks offer culinary warmth when it gets cold

Hanoi’s sidewalks lure people out on to the streets even when the weather gets cold with a wide range of culinary delights from hot porridge to crispy banana fries. Banh ran man (salty glutinous rice doughnuts) is a mixture of vermicelli, minced meat, veggies, salt, wood-ear mushrooms, pepper and prawn. The doughnuts are fried four to five times in different pans to make the crust particularly crunchy. They taste best when they are piping hot because they become a little bit hard when they cool down. One of the most famous addresses for this dish is a stall located in alley 242 off Lac Long Quan Street.
Normally, the salty version is served with sour and sweet chili sauce along with sliced papaya or radish. Unlike other kinds that use minced pork in their stuffing, the stall off Lạc Long Quan Street serves the dish with boiled sliced pork, giving it a clearer taste and flavor. A doughnut costs VND9,000 ($0.40) each.
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